Rome’s analyzer provides a series of features that users can leverage.

Imports Sorting

Rome allows to sort import statement using natural ordering.

This feature is opt-in via configuration:

  "organizeImports": {
    "enabled": true

You can apply the sorting in two way: via LSP or CLI

Imports sorting via CLI

Due the nature of the language, the sorting of imports is categorised as unsafe, and you can apply it using the --apply-unsafe option:

rome check --apply-unsafe ./path/to/src

Imports sorting via VSCode extension

The Rome VS Code extension has experimental support for imports sorting through the “Organize Imports” code action. By default this action can be run using the +Alt+O keyboard shortcut, or is accessible through the Command Palette (Ctrl/++P) by selecting Organize Imports.

You can add the following to your editor configuration if you want the action to run automatically on save instead of calling it manually:

		"source.organizeImports.rome": true